Pari – Anushka Sharma’s upcoming movie is full of horror and thrill

Anushka Sharma’s upcoming movie – “Pari” expected to be a real thrill and horror unlike the other Bollywood horror movies which are full of horror dramas

The starting of the movie “Pari” is with a family of a boy coming back from a girl’s house were they have gone to see her as their son’s life partner. But while coming back they met an accident in which a girl hit with the family’s car and died.

A family is coming back after seeing a girl for marriage of their boy Arnab means Parambrata Chatterjee and on the way back to home they met an accident in which a girl died after hitting by their car. The girl who dies in the accident is an eiffreet means a devil and Anushka Sharma Sharma named Pari is acting as a daughter of this devil. Till now no one knows that they are devil and for the sake of help Arnab brought her to his home.

Earlier also Anushka Sharma has did some superstitious and thrilling roles in the movies named phillauri and NH10. In both she has given her best. The shoot for the movie Pari started in June 2017 and on the first day of the shoot Anushka Sharma had tweeted about the movie. This single tweet arouse curiosity in the viewers to know more about the movie Pari. But the team did not revealed anything else at that time.

The best thing about the movie Pari is that it is totally different from the concept of the other Bollywood horror movie in which a person acts to be a devil to take a revenge from someone or there is nothing like usual horror dramas instead the movie Pari is about the two real devils who are fighting to save their lives.

Apart from all this there are some negative things about the film Pari like some useless scenes are shot in the movie and some scenes have dragged too long still we can able to understand from the movie that love and affection can convert a devil to human. Arnab’s Fiancée is aware of the truth that they are helping a pregnant devil and the child in the womb of the devil is also going to be the same. Even Arnab’s Fiancée wants to kill the devil instead she help the devil in her delivery.

In the movie Pari there are number of elements to make it horrible for the audience or viewers. Horror background music is given at some places to make it more frightful and some scenes are shot to be horrible in actual. The director of the movie Pari is Prosit Roy who has director the film very well. The suspense given in the film is also good as well as some emotional scenes are also there. Appreciable acting is done by Anushka Sharma Sharma, Rajat Kapoor, Parambrata Chatterjee.

The movie is about to release on March 2, 2018, hoping to thrill its audience.