Mohammad Shami is under the allegations of Extra Marital Affair

Mohammad Shami is under the allegations of Extra-Marital Affair

A Pakistani pacer Mohammad Shami is surrounded with extra marital affair cases. The lawyer of his wife Hasin Jahan has made a sensational claim on the charges of alleged Extra Marital Affair. Where’s lawyer Zakir Hussain has claimed that this Pakistani pacer has a relationship with a Pakistani woman and those who run an international sex racket.

Hussein mentioned a Pakistani woman in the dispute between husband and wife. He claimed, “Shami has a relationship with a Pakistani woman. He has proposed marriage to that woman and for this reason Haseen had to keep his point on the public forum. No woman wants to break their relationship.

Hasin, broke her silence because Shami wanted to marry that Pakistani woman next week. Hussein also said that there could be Shami’s relations with people running international sex racket.

Recently Mohammed Shami’s wife had accused him of having sexual relations with other women and domestic violence. After this she went to the police station and lodged a complaint against Shami.

Hussein further said that this Pakistani woman of Shami was interviewed by an expert in Manchester. There, a man named Mamdu Bhai had met Shami to meet this woman. Among them is another person named Kuldeep Singh, who is part of the International Racket, Kuldeep works to supply women to this racket.Hussein did not stop here. He also made serious allegations related to Shami’s game. Hussain claimed, “I think there may be some match fixing rackets too. These two people whose names I have mentioned with are associated with their international sex racket. Hussein claimed that the Pakistani woman had given money to Shami. They said, ‘The truth should come in front of everyone. After all, why did Shami take this money in Dubai? BCCI should know who came to Shami’s room in Dubai. When Hussein was asked about Shami’s Extra-Marital Affairs, he said, “There are bad relationships with many girls. His bad behavior with his wife was only from the beginning, but my client quietly tolerated it.  It is noteworthy that on the basis of charges of Hasin, BCCI has stopped Shami’s annual contract. The Board said that the allegations of Shami’s wife have created a difficult situation and Shami’s contract has been stopped. Though Shami has dismissed all the accusations of his wife Hasin. He termed it a big conspiracy against him. Shami said, ‘This is a conspiracy against me. I want to lead a normal life with my family. I spend time with my wife and daughter. Earlier on many issues my wife had trolled, but I was standing with her and I would stand with her further. Shami said that he is trying to contact his wife Hassin, but she is not picking up his phone. He said, ‘I will meet her soon. I want to be with her always. I talked to my father-in-law, he talked to me well. I hope the matter will be resolved. ”