Modi’s Radical FDI Moves | will Ache Din Start with FDI?

At  the time when UPA Govt. was in power they decided to allow FDI in multi brand retail but NDA govt. being the opposition party opposed their decision and accused that this decision has been taken due to the pressure from multinational companies.

Now being in power NDA govt. itself has given 100% approval to FDI in single brand retail.

Central govt. claims that the reason behind his approval is to promote investment. It will help to increase investment in defense , construction development, insurance, pension, other financial services including broadcasting and sectors like aviation and pharmaceuticals. Government says FDI is very important to promote investment in these sectors.

Central govt. is hoping to see increased amount of investment in the world and this will also increase employment opportunities. Even in 2019 if will give chance to the success of flagship programme before common elections.