Kangana and Karan Johar ki Dosti | Coffee with Karan

Kangana and Karan Johar ki Dosti | Coffee with Karan | News3x

Recently Kangana appeared on the stage of India’s Next Superstar where Karan Johar is judging the show. They both meet each other as a professional and showed the best chemistry in between.

But the question is why this meeting is so important..?

Actually earlier in March 2017, Kangana also visited Karan’s Show named Coffee with Karan where they argued a lot on the topic Nepotism. Even Kangana said that whenever she writes her biography, she will definitely mention about Nepotism and dedicate it to Karan.

At that time Karan took it as a joke but later on issues start increasing in between them so as the distance.

Afterwards Karan in one of the interview claimed that Kangana is not aware of the meaning of the word Nepotism and Karan himself has introduced many new directors in the industry who are not having any kind of link with the bollywood.