May Se Meena Se Na Saqi Se… | Dancing sensation Dabbu Uncle’s is not less than a star

Dabbu Uncle’s huge fan following went upto Bollywood stars Anushka Sharma, Govinda and Sunil Shetty

Professor Sanjeev Srivastava aka Dabu uncle, who lives in Vidhan of Bhopal, getting famous for his dance on Govinda’s song May Se Meena Se Na Saqi Se… from the movie Khudgarz, has become an overnight star on social media these days.

Even Bollywood star Anushka Sharma is praising him and commenting that she herself can’t think of doing the same dance moves and sharing his videos on social media.

Actually, a user named PragyanBehera, was trying to copy Dabboji dance moves and shared her video on social media wearing t-shirt of Anushka’s fashion brand NUSH. While sharing their videos together, Anushka also tagged her brand. That was the only thing happened and immediately Anushka wrote- “OMG! I’m legit upset I did not think of doing this. Loving your moves and your #NUSH tee ✨ @ NushBrand”

Earlier, seeing Daboo’s dance, Govinda also surprised and did not stop himself from praising. While interacting with a news website, Govinda said that despite the heavy weight, he is enjoying this dance. This is the best thing. Govinda said that this song was shot in Vaishno Devi in just 9 hours. Neelam and Govinda did shoot this song which was a super hit. Both also performed on this in many stage shows. He shot this song only because of his respect for Rakesh Roshan.

All this not kept till praise only. Bollywood start sunil shetty called dabbu uncle to meet and spent a whole day with him. After this meeting actor sunil shetty seems very happy and praised dabbu uncle for his simple and down to earth nature. He also shared image along with him on twitter.

46 year Professor in electronics Sanjiv Srivastava alias Dabboji is a fan of Govinda in real life. Many dance videos of Daboo’s being viral on social media. But his first dance video on the song May Se Meena Se Na Saqi Se… , has bring a tehelka on social media. This video has so far shared by millions of people on social media.