BCCI introduced a new grading system: rewarding Salary hike for Cricketers

BCCI introduced a new grading system: Some cricketers may get 100% salary hike

Recently Bhartiya Cricket Control Board (BCCI) has introduced a new grading system for our cricket team. And the whole credit goes to Current cricket captain ViratKohli and Previous caption Mahendra Singh Dhoni. There was the meeting held with the  committee of appointed administrator’s advice by Supreme Court in which ViratKohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni has presented their idea of new grading system.

As per the old grading system the Salary hike for Cricketers was mainly divided into 3 grades. But now grade A+ has also been introduced in the system.  According to new contracts, the cricketers coming under grade A+ will get yearly compensation of Rs. 7 crores. Grade A will get 5 crores on yearly basis, Grade B cricketers will get 3 crores yearly and 1 crore yearly to Grade C.

Cricket website Cricinfo has written to the head of COA Vinod Rai that the advice has purely come from ViratKohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They claimed that only those cricketers should be kept in this category who play all the three formats and those who are in top 10 raking. They wished to have the category in which cricketers who perform can get the award. This will help plyers to improve and move forward as the award will be based on the performance. Even there might be demotion or fall in the category if you will not perform well.

ViratKohli, Rohit Sharma, ShikharDhawan, Bhuwaneshwar Kumar and JaspritBumrah are the players who have got to experience Grade A+.

At the start the idea was given by ex-coach Anil Kumble who has picked up the topic of increasing the salary of cricketers and talked to increase the salary of the cricketers with BCCI. According to this, it was a matter of getting the top class player up to Rs 5 crore annually.

Rai further said, “What kind of player will be in this category, national selectors have decided this.” It is also reported that senior player and chief coach Ravi Shastri wanted that the players who did not play in all three formats – including Test specialist CheteshwarPujara, got almost equal pay of top-class players.